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Patient Engagement 2.0

Patient Engagement 2.0 module is designed to empower you throughout each phase of the patient journey. With this enhanced module, you can offer tailored access to care with patient engagement reminders with online tools and resources that keep your patients informed and involved. Ensure patients take a proactive role in their care, fostering better outcomes.


  • Regular SMS and email campaigns
  • Automatic SMS and email campaigns
  • Appointment reminders
  • Send Birthday greetings
  • Post appointment messages

iClinic® Reach

Patients can self-schedule appointments with one website link, reducing the time from the administrative team to schedule appointments on the phone. Once patient scheduled, your iClinic® calendar will sync automatically. Customers increasingly prefer online scheduling at their convenience, and it reduces administrative burden while increasing additional appointments to fill in gaps.

Care Management

Improve your patients’ care, meet all necessary requirements, and engage patients through services like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM).

  • Engage your patients with chronic disease management
  • Remotely monitor your patients’ vitals
  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Build a closer bond with your patients and ensure a higher quality of care
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Digital Health Solutions

We have a rich collection of mobile products to help you better manage your practice. With MDLand's mobile apps, you can better engage with your patients and ensure they receive the best possible care while staying compliant, organized and on schedule. Engage your patients with the iClinicHealth® mobile app, streamline your front office with the iClinic®Office iPad app, and take your practice on the go with iClinic®Anywhere mobile app.

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