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Care Management Suite Features

Improve your patients’ care, meet all necessary requirements, and receive reimbursement with the following built-in features.  

Patient Consent & Enrollment

Streamline the enrollment process and make it easier for patients to participate in the program with our readily available consent forms and have patients sign and enroll in the program directly from the portal. 

Automatic Time Tracking

Easily capture time spent on providing care management services and maximize staff efficiency so you can focus on delivering high-quality patient care without worrying about the reporting requirements. 

CMS Incentive Programs

Succeed at value-based care and maximize revenue by participating in CMS reimbursement programs while improving patient care, driving better patient outcomes, and receiving higher reimbursement rates. 

Optimized Office Workflow

Offers a value-focused approach to care management to help you and your practice save time while improving patient outcomes and maximizing reimbursements. 

Built-in Electronic Billing

Improve the revenue cycle with automated electronic billing and claims submission and reduce costs and administrative burden for you and your practice.  

Patient Communication

Engage patients through care management services and improve care coordination and enhance practice efficiency via direct patient messaging in the portal.  


The CCM Module is designed to help providers manage patients with two or more chronic illnesses. Seamlessly enroll patients, develop, and manage care plans, monitor patient health, and productively capture and complete reporting requirements. CCM is cost-effective for patients and generates new, recurring revenue for you and your practice.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote patient monitoring empowers patients to take an active role in their healthcare journey from the comfort of their own homes. iClinic®’s RPM module is data-driven and equips you to be proactive in their patients’ health, monitoring patients’ health remotely, and intervening to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits for more effective care.


The TCM module bridges the gap between provider treatment and patient home care, offering you the tools and insight needed to oversee care management and coordination after a patient is admitted to a hospital. TCM requires initial contact with the patient within two business days after discharge, a face-to-face visit within a specified period of time, and moderate or high medical decision making during the 30-day service period. Improve your practice’s efficiency and productivity by reducing the risks of hospital readmission, promoting better patient care outcomes, and controlling care costs.  


CoCM is a specific type of integrated care that treats common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety that require systematic follow-up due to their persistent nature. MDLand’s CoCM Module offers a seamless workflow, and supports the continuity of care, and care coordination. The centralized, convenient, and easy solution enables you to collaborate effectively using shared care plans that incorporate patient goals, alleviating your administrative burden by eliminating the manual process of consolidating care notes.


PCM is intended to fill in care gaps and to provide care to patients with only one chronic condition. MDLand’s integrated approach to PCM enables you to create and modify patient care plans and automates workflow to better monitor and stabilize a patient’s chronic condition, prevent new diagnosis from arising and offers reimbursement opportunities.   

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