James Long, CEO of MDLand and John Dionisio, CIO of SOMOS Community Care at Yankee Stadium, one of SOMOS’s mass vaccination sites on March 11, 2021.

Our Reflection on the Anniversary of the COVID Pandemic

This week marks a year since the declaration of the COVID pandemic. With our healthcare providers and organizations tackling the lethal coronavirus on the frontlines to protect our community, we are now hopeful as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. MDLand takes pride in our commitment and shared responsibility to support our healthcare providers and organizational customers in having administered over 150,000 vaccine dosages for over 100,000 patients in our health IT platform on the eve of the anniversary.

"In this moment of reflection, we want to thank our healthcare providers for their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice during this challenging time.”, said James Long, Co-founder and CEO of MDLand, "Our team takes pride in having made available the digital health platform right-in-time for our providers and their patients during this critical period."

During the COVID pandemic, MDLand listened to its physician customers and adopted an agile approach to roll out the essential tools to take care of their patients. We have helped our customers expand the care delivery system from that of a traditional four-wall office-based practice into that of virtual care – a new form of care driven by on-demand personalized patient care along with precise information. More than 100,000 patients have downloaded the VIPHealth mobile health app with Telehealth and remote patient monitoring capability in the comfort of their own homes.

We have also assisted our customers with unprecedented levels of patient engagement and care delivery in all channels – call, chat, video, apps, etc. Millions of in-culture and in-language messages have been sent to patients. We will continue our commitment and journey to empower consumers, to connect with our providers, and to make services inclusive.

Timely availability of pertinent information is critical in saving lives and protecting others. MDLand has been working with our providers and RHIO partners in delivering such vital information to determine the right course of care. We raced against time and had worked night and weekend with our institution customers and governmental agencies to ensure the first available vaccination system to patients. We understood that with every minute we saved in application development, we could save lives!

"As a health information technology company, we refocus on humanity in today's tech-enabled healthcare world.", added James Long, "we will work with our customers to use information technologies to empower those vulnerable, to equalize inequities, and to overcome disparities until the virus is defeated – and we will not quit."