Save time and money by utilizing iClinic's advanced, highly-customizable ePrescription functionality.

iClinic ePrescription makes your practice more efficient by giving you the ability to prescribe medication with a single click.   

  • Instantly send a prescription to any of the tens of thousands of pharmacies in our network.
  • A fully-customizable drug lists allow you to bookmark commonly prescribed drugs for quick access.
  • One-click drug and allergy interaction checking reduces the risk associated with prescribing.
  • Prescribe multiple drugs with a single click by utilizing iClinic's templating functionality.

iClinic's advanced prescription and ePrescription functionality allows you to quickly select drugs to prescribe, either by selecting from our database of thousands of drugs or by using your customized My Drug List of your frequently prescribed drugs.

The My Drug List functionality allows you to create a list of your most commonly prescribed drugs, which greatly increases the speed at which you can select items for prescription.  MDLand can provide a default My Drug List for your specialty, which you can customize over time, or you can build your own from scratch.

Additionally, our advanced templating functionality allows you to prescribe pre-configured sets of drugs in one click.  For example, if you commonly prescribe Metformin, Januvia, and Janumet for Type II Diabetes, you can save a template with those drugs and add them to your prescription in just one click.

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MDLand is a certified Surescripts Solution Provider and ePrescription is included in the current version of iClinic EHR.